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Managing Safety and Health Programs -
Central Safety and Health Committee Training

Implementing the Managing Safety and Health Programs system involves a minimun of four on-site consulting days to review the organization's current programs and operations, and train managers, supervisors and employees.

Each manager and supervisor receives at least 3 hours of training. Individuals serving on task groups receive an additional one hour training session.

Assistance in preparing safety manuals, rules and procedures is also available. For compliance with applicable standards, specific OSHA standard compliance checklists and protocols can also be provided.

Course Length: 4 Days

Day 1— Facility visit, Program review, Management overview, Discussions, and Slide photographs for training.

Day 2— Two training sessions (repeat), Current trends, Managing the program; and hazard recognition, evaluation, and control.

Day 3— Conduct eight task group training sessions and one central committee session. Provide reference materials.

Day 4—Conduct follow-up training sessions with all task groups, Recommend improvement, Issue final progress report

For information about bringing this course to your location, contact us via e-mail or call (919) 466-7506.

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