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CTJ Safety and Health Presentations

The principals of CTJ Safety Associates provide safety and health presentations at corporate safety meetings, local and national conferences, and other functions across the country. Contact CTJ if you would like to schedule a presentation or would like references, or more information. The following topics are provided as recommendations.

Topics for What’s Hot in Safety and Health

1 hour – Current OSHA Trends

  • Where is OSHA headed under John Henshaw
  • New OSHA policies

1 hour – New Uses of Old OSHA Standards

  • How OSHA uses current standards to cite new items
  • Double-bar gate rule, 4 minutes rule, back-up alarm on forktrucks

1 hour – Differences in Definitions of OSHA Terms

  • Many terms have different definitions depending on the standard
  • "Approved," "Competent," "Routine," etc.
  • Finding the OSHA definition of terms

1 to 3 hours – Review of STD’s and CPL’s

  • A review of key OSHA Directives and Interpretations
  • Slides will illustrate interpretations

1 hour – Implementing a Competent Person System

  • Many OSHA standards require a competent person
  • Installing an effective system

1 to 2 hours – Key Requirements and Changes of Proposed OSHA Standards

  • Walking/Working Surfaces
  • Personal Protective Equipment – Who Pays?

1 hour – Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Changes

  • A review of the new 1904
  • Key changes in premises, medical treatment and the forms

1 hour – OSHA’s Top 10 Letters of Interpretation

  • 4 Minute rule; home offices; temporaries; computer-based training, etc.

1 hour – The Systems Needed to Achieve VPP STAR Status

  • Management of systems
  • 5 Biggest Challenges to Achieve STAR

1 hour – Hazard Recognition Techniques

  • Recognizing hazards and applying standards
  • Video inspection exercise
  • 10 Second Drill, Out-of-View Audits, etc.

1 hour – The Top 25 Most Cited Violations

  • Slides of examples of each of the 25 most often cited

1 hour – The Lighter Side of Safety—People Do the Darnedest Things—and How OSHA Views It

  • Slides depicting real incidents and exposures

1 to 2 hours – Differences in 1910 and 1926

  • Key (and some minor) differences explained
  • Where 1910 applies; where 1926 applies
  • Examples: 4 foot versus 6 foot rule; 12 inches versus 18 inches rule; 200 pounds versus 250 pounds rule, etc.
1 to 2 hours – A Review of OSHA’s Training and Inspection Requirements
  • Reviewing the approximately 200 OSHA training rules and approximately 250 OSHA inspection rules
  • Using CTJ Safety Associates unique checklists

    1 hour – South Carolina OSHA’s 13 Deadly Hazards

    • Slides of examples of the 13 deadliest hazards Control measures

    1 hour – How to Make a Million (Safe Work Hours)

    • Planning and Leading
    • Accountability

    1 hour – How to Know If You’re Ready for Behavior-Based Safety

    • Infrastructure
    • Management’s Behavior

    OR A review of practically any OSHA 1910 or 1926 standard

    For information about having a CTJ Safety Consultant speak at your meeting, contact us via e-mail or call (919) 466-7506.

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