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Basic Ergonomics Training

Ergonomics Team Training

Ergonomics and the prevention of cumulative trauma disorders has become a major concern for both industry and OSHA alike. Employees have suffered disabling injuries and illnesses either caused or aggravated by ergonomic stressors. OSHA fines for companies who have failed to establish ergonomic programs have gone into the millions. Employers must establish and effectively manage an ergonomics program. This is best accomplished by an in-house Ergonomics Team. This ergonomics team training course will help you establish and maintain an effective ergonomics program.

The Program

DAY 1: A CTJ Safety Associates' Ergonomics Consultant spends time in the facility to assess ergonomic problems and shoot 35mm slides and video tape to be used in the two-day training course.

DAY 2: The first day of training for the Ergonomics Team. This day is spent primarily in the class room learning the basics of ergonomics.

DAY 3: The second and final day of training is spent in both the classroom and on the plant floor conducting task analyses and gaining practical experience.

DAY 4: After six months the CTJ Safety Associates' Ergonomist will return to the facility to again assess the program and meet with the Ergonomics Team in order to monitor their progress and assist them further to assure they continue as a productive arm of the safety and health management team.

Cost & Materials
$4,000 plus expenses. Each participant will receive a complete comprehensive Ergonomics Team manual. All slides and videotapes will be retained by the Ergonomics Team for future use in training others.

Course Contents:

  • Benefits of Ergonomics
  • Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs)
  • Back Injuries
  • CTD Risk Factors
  • Trend Analysis
  • Job Analysis
  • Ergonomic Control Measures
  • Design Criteria
  • Manual Materials Handling
  • Components of an Ergonomics Program
  • Current Guidelines and Standards
  • Office Ergonomics
Program Objectives
This program is based upon OSHA's Ergonomics Guidelines and is intended to provide attendees with fundamental knowledge and insight of ergonomics enabling them to recognize and control cumulative trauma disorders, back injuries and other ergonomic related problems. Upon completion, the Ergonomics Team should possess the ability to organize and successfully manage an effective Ergonomics Program and resolve many ergonomic concerns.

For information about bringing this course to your location, contact us via e-mail or call (919) 466-7506.

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