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— "Super instructor, extremely knowledgeable, exudes confidence and enthusiasm for subject matter."

Samuel M. Pulcrano, U.S. Postal Service
Washington, DC

—"Instructors extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter, OSHA standards and applicability of standards to real world situations. Session was open to site-specific discussions and round table topics."

Joseph H. Dilmon, Exxon Company
Baton Rouge, LA

— "The breadth of knowledge both individuals have is phenomenal. To be able to quote part and section is common, but to be able to quote letter and number of the appropriate standard is phenomenal. Thanks."

Michael R. Naquin, Shell Chemical Co., Norco, LA

— "Instructors knew the information and effectively used examples to bring home the point. They were able to share knowledge of Kraft facilities which helps as we apply these regs to our own facilities. Thank you for making a dry course interesting. Your first hand experiences strengthened the serious nature of compliance."

Andrea Jackson, Kraft Foods, Inc., Walton, IA

[When asked..."Did this course meet your expectations?"]

— "Yes, positively! Very informative and the instructor was excellent. I feel more confident than ever with OSHA and complying with OSHA regulations."

Sarah V. Wilcox, Ball-Foster, Muncie, IN

— "Exceeded expectations. Excellent instructor with thorough background and knowledge of subject."

Vickie Smith, Pulaski Furniture, Pulaski, VA

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