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If you are considering or have chosen to pursue the achievement of OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program STAR, MERIT or DEMONSTRATION status, you are making a wise decision. The achievement of these designations indicate a world-class safety and health system, and not only improves workplace safety and health, but positively effects the bottom line.

CTJ Safety Associates have assisted a variety of employees throughout the U.S. in achieving and/or maintaining STAR and MERIT status.

How can we help you?

Simulated OSHA VPP Assessments
We can provide a full team assessment similar to a real VPP inspection, or provide one or two auditors for a less extensive, but effective audit.

Behavioral and Safety Management Systems
VPP status is having the system in place to effectively manage safety and health. Our Central Safety & Health Committee/Task Group approach to management care be implemented as an infrastructure to achieve world-class status.

VPP Application
The application might be OSHA's first look at your system. We can help make it effective.

Annual VPP Audits
VPP status requires an annual audit of the management systems. Typically, this can be achieved by one or two of our professionals in two to six mandays on-site.

VPP Implementation Mannual
Our implementation manual contains the checklist and guidance to understand and pursue VPP status.

VPP Education and Training
A variety of presentations are available.
- A One to two-hour overview of VPP for management
- A One-day course all about VPP for managers, safety & health professionals, key union members, and employers.
- OSHA 30-hr and 10-hr courses
- A Two to four-hour overview of VPP for employers
- A One to two-day course Supervisory Safety Responsibilities
- Our one to three-day Advanced OSHA Compliance course
- Our one to two-day course on Conducting Simulated OSHA VPP Assessments

VPP Status
A world-class occupational safety and health process can be achieved by the effective implementation and periodic review of the 19 key elements of OSHA's VPP program. CTJ Safety Associates' integrated approach to achieving world-class status might include:

  • Safety professionals
  • Industrial hygienists
  • Ergonomists
  • Audiologists
  • Occupational health nurses
  • Occupational physicians

Several of our safety professionals have previously worked for OSHA, all have worked with STAR certified plants and CTJ's President managed OSHA's precursor to the VPP program for three years while with NC OSHA.

That type of experience outside of OSHA is unequaled.

For further information and pricing for our VPP assistance services, contact us via e-mail, or call (919) 466-7506.

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