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Permit-Required Confined Space Compliance

The OSHA Permit-Required Confined Space Standard 29 CFR 1910.146 was originally issued on January 14, 1993. On December 1, 1998, OSHA issued a final rule amending the standard which was effective February 1, 1999. This standard, which pertains to general industry, requires employers to:

  1. Prepare a written permit space program
  2. Identify and evaluate confined spaces
  3. Prepare procedures for entrants, attendants, entry supervisors, and rescue personnel

Consulting Services

CTJ Safety Associates has extensive experience and expertise in helping organizations comply with OSHA regulations and establishing effective confined space entry programs. Our safety and health professionals will visit work sites to review the standard with managers and staff, survey the operations, and help establish a compliance program. Reports of survey findings, conclusions and recommendations are prepared.

For permit spaces where the only hazard is atmospheric, and ventilation alone can control the hazards, employers may use alternative procedures for entry. However, employers must accomplish a number of steps to qualify. We can help you identify and all permit and non-permit spaces.

Compliance Manual

The complete compliance manual covering all aspects of the standard including a written permit space entry program (also on diskette for easy customizing), procedures, permits, forms, checklists, etc. Revised to meet the new requirements.


The training provisions of the standard require initial training for:

  1. Employees authorized to enter spaces
  2. Attendants
  3. Entry supervisors
  4. Rescue and emergency personnel

Refresher training is required when:

  1. Duties change
  2. Hazards change
  3. Inadequate employee knowledge is observed

We will conduct on-site training courses for managers, supervisors, employees and others involved in confined space entry. Generally two classes can be held per day. Each student receives a compliance manual and other handouts.


Our safety professionals provide frequent presentations at safety meetings, conferences, association meetings, seminars, etc. These presentations provide a general overview of the standard and how to comply.

For information about setting up a presentation, contact us via e-mail, or call (919) 466-7506.

Confined Space Consulting Services

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