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Changes to OSHA's Recordkeeping Standard...

The following changes could cause your OSHA incident rate to rise this year:

All calendar days must be counted instead of normal workdays

Nonprescription medications taken in prescription strength are now recordable

Physical therapy and chiropractic treatment are now recordable on the first visit

Any use of oxygen for treatment is now recordable

The following changes could cause your OSHA incident rate to fall this year:

—Preexisting personal injuries and illnesses must be "significantly" aggravated by the work before they are recordable

—Minor illnesses that require no medical treatment are no longer recordable

—Butterfly bandages are no longer recordable

—Certain burns are no longer recordable

Plus, there are a lot more changes. Look for articles on these changes by CTJ Safety Associates in national safety magazines in upcoming months.

CTJ Safety Associates has also prepared a subscription service for ongoing interpretations of this standard. It's called our Recordkeeping Interpretive Review. Contact us for more details.

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