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Prevention of accidents, injuries, and illnesses cannot be accomplished without effective safety and health programs. We are experts in helping organizations establish and maintain effective programs for protecting people, property, and the environment. The outstanding results our clients have seen speak for themselves.

Training Programs
CTJ Safety Associates conducts safety, health and environmental training programs on a variety of safety topics meeting the specific needs of our clients. These safety training programs are customized and conducted at your location. more info...

Simulated OSHA Inspections and Program Audits
CTJ Safety Associates provides simulated OSHA inspections that include opening and closing conferences with management, wall-to-wall walkthroughs, records review, employee interviews, and a detailed written report of findings and recommendations referenced to the applicable OSHA standard. We can also provide a formal presentation of our findings to management using slide photographs taken at your facility. more info...


OSHA Compliance Assistance
Assistance with OSHA compliance on a variety of levels is available. We can provide assistance with a specific standards such as:

Our 10- and 30-hour Complying with OSHA courses can provide either an introduction to OSHA, or advanced information.

In addition to these courses and services, we now offer a NEW Compliance Audit Procedures Manual -- 33 protocols with step-by-step methods to audit compliance with OSHA requirements. Click the manual title for additional information, or visit our Resources page for a full list of manuals.


OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Reviews
The new OSHA Recordkeeping Standard went into effect on January 1, 2002. There are numerous changes that could cause your OSHA incident rate to go up or go down. However, there are legal and ethical ways to manage OSHA recordables.

Click here to view our checklist on 25 methods to legally and ethically avoid OSHA recordables.

The OSHA Recordkeeping Standard requires:

  • The use of three new forms
  • Makes significant changes in the definition of "work-related"
  • Clarifies privacy concerns
  • Puts a new cap on the number of restricted days and days away from work
  • Requires your ranking manager to be responsible for the accuracy of the log
  • Makes important changes to the differences in medical treatment versus first aid

Click here to see the how the changes could cause your OSHA incident rate to rise this year.

OSHA Recordkeeping Training
Our staff can also provide half day and full day training on the new recordkeeping standard, as well as recordkeeping audits at your facility. We also offer presentations on the recordkeeping standard and a subscription service for new recordkeeping interpretations. A Hotline service is also available for large plants that need a way for plants to get quick answers to their recordkeeping questions. Contact us via e-mail for information about this service, or call (919) 466-7506.

OSHA Recordkeeping Manuals
In addition to training and consulting services for OSHA recordkeeping, we also have two new manuals that can help you. Our OSHA Injury and Illness Recordkeeping Index, and Guide to OSHA Recordkeeping. Click the titles for information, or visit our Resources page for a full list of manuals.

Read David Coble's article on Managing OSHA Recordables in Industrial Safety and Hygiene News magazine.


Assistance is available to help organizations recoginize and understand the potential ergonomics issues in their workplaces. Our ergonomics specialist can help you establish effective in-house ergonomic teams to recognize and control cumulative trauma disorders.
more info...


Safety and Health Program Management Systems
CTJ Safety Associates safety professionals frequently meet with top management officials to review and discuss effective safety, health, and environmental management systems. They describe how to manage safety, health and environmental responsibilities as effectively as production, quality, costs, and personnel relations are managed.

Our proven Safety & Health Management System is being utilized in hundreds of facilities nationwide. We also conduct detailed reviews of employers’ safety management programs. more info... Safety Management Systems


Voluntary Protection Program Assistance
We provide initial and/or annual OSHA VPP STAR audits. We can help prepare the application and assess areas that need improvement before STAR status is considered. We also provide training and audits lasting anywhere from 1 hour to 5 days, depending on your needs. more info...


Incident Investigation
On-site incident investigations are conducted by certified safety professionals to assist clients in determining the basic accident causes and to recommend effective control measures. On-site training is also available to teach supervisors and other investigators how to conduct their own effective investigations.


Expert Witness
As certified safety professionals with many years of experience, we can also assist clients by providing expert witness concerning OSHA contested cases, product liability, and other safety-related lawsuits.

For information contact us via e-mail or call (919) 466-7506.


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