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OSHA electrical standard resources
On June 29, 2009, while addressing the American Society of Safety Engineers’ 2009 Professional Development Conference, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis and Acting Assistant Secretary, Jordan Barab, made it clear to all those present that they plan on serious changes to enforcement activities. Both speeches confirmed what safety and health professionals across the country have anticipated since the November elections.
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OSHA electrical standard resources
The new OSHA electrical standard became effective on August 13, 2007.  CTJ Safety Associates provides training and audits to help clients understand and meet these new requirements.
See our comparison list of the new requirements versus the former requirements.

Upcoming safety seminar

Annual Occupational Safety and Health Update
In conjunction with the UNC Educational Resource Center, CTJ offers this Annual Occupational Safety and Health Update coming December 2010.
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New Safety Products

Effective environmental health and safety management using the team approachOrder your copy of Bill Taylor's recently published book, "Effective Environmental Health and Safety Management Using the Team Approach," cited as, "an important and highly actionable blueprint for optimum workplace safety."

The system has been installed by Bill Taylor and CTJ Safety in plants throughout the United States as well as South America, Canada and the United Kingdom. In each case, the system, when managed as instructed, reduced injuries and illnesses by an average on 40-50 percent within the first 12 months. It is a logical approach to managing any organization's safety and health system.
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$69.96 -- Order here

OSHA Recordkeeping Standard reference and resources
OSHA Recordkeeping Index Now Available. A keyword index of recordkeeping terms that link to full text interpretations. Available on CD-ROM. Annual update service also available. Details...

The OSHA Recordkeeping Standard requires the use of three new forms, makes significant changes in the definition of "work-related," clarifies privacy concerns, puts a new cap on the number of restricted days and days away from work, requires your ranking manager to be responsible for the accuracy of the log, and makes important changes to the differences in medical treatment versus first aid.

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Recent safety and health articles

Preparing For and Surviving an OSHA Inspection: Are you ready? by Bill Taylor

Guarding of Mechanical Power Transmission Apparatus by David Coble, published in Plant Services magazine.

Managing OSHA Recordables by David Coble, published in Industrial Safety and Hygiene News magazine.

CTJ Safety Associates recognizes that you need current regulatory information, indepth reports, clear training materials, as well as explanations and presentations in plain English. Find out more about how we can help you keep your #1 resource safe, healthy, and on the job.

Simulated OSHA Inspection team - David Coble, Bill Taylor, and Jim JonesHave you had a simulated OSHA inspection?

Are you ready for an OSHA inspection? CTJ Safety Associates offers you the chance to see problems OSHA might see if it paid your facility a visit. You can correct those problems before OSHA arrives and avoid some costly fines — and more importantly, improve the safety of your employees.
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>> Read our latest safety article, "Preparing For and Surviving an OSHA Inspection: Are you ready?"

Safety inspections, audits, safety program assistanceServices

Prevention of accidents, injuries, and illnesses cannot be accomplished without effective safety and health programs. We are experts in helping organizations establish and maintain effective safety and health programs for protecting people, property, and the environment.
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safety training, safety and health trainingTraining

CTJ Safety Associates conducts safety, health and environmental training programs meeting the specific needs of our clients. These programs are customized and conducted at your location.
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safety manual, safety programs, safety resourcesResources

Our manuals, checklists, and other occupational safety and health resources are proven in industry to provide thorough and effective information in an easy-to-use format.
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What CTJ clients are saying

  • "Using the CTJ Safety Associates Facility Safety and Health Committee at one of our California plants helped reduce workers compensation costs more than 90% in one year." Derek Humphries, Operations Safety Manager, Leprino Foods

  • "CTJ makes it easy to understand OSHA material that is complex. The class is presented in a way that makes OSHA regulations less intimidating in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere."  
    Susan Drgos, Honeywell

  • "As a former safety manager at Miller Brewing in Milwaukee, the CTJ Safety Associates Facility Safety and Health Management System helped our plant to enhance its safety and health process and also helped Miller Brewing to be named One of America's Safest Companies."  
    Robert A. Sopko, CHCM, Former Safety Manager

  • "Glen Raven, Inc. has used the CTJ Safety Associates' facility Safety and Health Management System for many years.  It has helped our plants to enhance their safety and health process and also helped several of our plants to achieve VPP STAR status."
    David N. Cates, CSP, Corporate Manager Safety, Security & Environment, Glen Raven

  • "Excellent review of OSHA standards. I have a much better understanding of key areas of the standards, particularly where they apply in the plant. The course pace was excellent. OSHA standards can be very boring, but the instructor did an excellent job of breaking up the training. A very good mixture of standards review, slides, overheads and breaks."
    Carl Coker, Rohm & Haas, Louisville, KY

  • "As the retired Director of Safety for Springs Industries, I believe the use of the CTJ Safety and Health Management System helped Springs to be recognized in 2005 by Occupational Hazards Magazine as one of America's safest companies."  Jerry Brooks, CSP (retired)

  • "...our extreme satisfaction with you regarding the 30 hour Complying with OSHA courses..."
    Sean Connolly, Atofina

  • "The hazard recognition teaching tools blended into each regulation review resonated with me as the most effective education on regulatoy compliance I've ever received. "
    Bob Sorensen, ExxonMobil

Speakers for occupational safety and health meetings

CTJ Safety Associates provides safety and health presentations and speakers at corporate safety meetings, local and national conferences, and other functions. Some upcoming speaking events include:

See past CTJ speaking events.

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